Wed, Aug 11 @ 9 AM PDT

Post-production Virtual Event

Join us for a live virtual event featuring expert speakers, networking opportunities, and product demonstrations. Registrants will gain access to  exclusive content through an event prep kit. Once you register, we will email you the details to join the event.

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August 11, 9:00 AM PDT
This event will be hosted on Zoom. We will email you the link to join on the day of the event.

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Hybrid Production Workflows for 2021 and Beyond w/ Steven Niedzielski & Sam Mestman

9 AM PST Steven Niedzielski & Sam Mestman Steven has 20+ years of experience in pro video workflows, managing technical and creative professionals, producing compelling marketing content, and implementing cutting edge technology. It’s no surprise that Steven would be dedicated to helping solve one of the biggest problems for post-production professionals coming out of a global pandemic: hybrid office video workflows. Steven is a Senior Workflow Engineer at OWC where he helps video teams determine which Jellyfish solution will work best for their office, remote, or hybrid workflow needs. Sam Mestman is the Chief Workflow Architect for OWC and the founder of We Make Movies (, LumaForge, and FCPWorks. As a professional editor and colorist, he has worked for Apple, ESPN, Glee, and Break Media (to name a few), and has edited or colored hundreds of shorts, features, web series, and probably every other type of content you can think of. His specialty is the Apple creative ecosystem and he is also the architect behind some of the largest FCPX integrations in the world, including Focus, the world’s first studio feature edited with Final Cut Pro X. On the video education side, his Smartphone Studio mobile filmmaking workshops ( are taught in person and remotely to communities around the world and his focus is democratizing filmmaking and storytelling for everyone no matter who they are or where they live. About the presentation The pandemic may have accelerated remote and hybrid workflow adoption, but this trend was already well underway long before it. Designing your production workflow in a way that accommodates local and remote collaboration gives your company the best of both worlds, and can open up incredible opportunities for creativity, flexibility and increased quality.Hybrid workflows used to seem out of reach and only the province of large-scale high-budget productions, but the tools now exist to make it accessible to everyone. We’ll explore the differences between cloud, home/office hybrid, as well as in-office editors working with remote collaborators. Specifically, how do we solve problems and optimize performance in all of these scenarios. Steven Niedzielski and Sam Mestman are two workflow experts who are doing their best to help video teams keep doing what they do best, regardless of whether or not they’re in the office, at home, or on the road. Keeping teams connected is the goal, and new technology is simply the means to get there. Join the conversation to see what Steven and Sam are seeing as current day best practices and where they see these trends going over the next few years.

Using Still Images in Cinema Visual Effects w/ Mark Weingartner, ASC

10 AM PST Mark Weingartner, ASC Director of photography and visual effects supervisor Mark Weingartner, ASC began his career as a theatrical lighting designer in New York. He migrated first into television and motion picture lighting, and subsequently into cinematography and visual effects in Hollywood. Weingartner has worked on every continent but Antarctica, and on projects ranging from studio tentpoles to indie films, TV shows, and documentaries, working in formats from 16mm to IMAX. His work can be seen, if not recognized, in “Dunkirk”, “Inception,” the Christopher Nolan Batman films, the G.I. Joe films, the last three “Hunger Games,” the last two “Twilight” films, “The Passion of the Christ”, and “Apocalypto” among many others. Weingartner is a member of the American Society of Cinematographers, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Visual Effects Branch, the International Cinematographers Guild, and the Visual Effects Society. Weingartner is represented in life by his wife and partner Shannon Brown, and at work by Wendy Schneider of The Schneider Entertainment Agency. About the presentation Still cameras have always had a big place in the art, craft, and business of Motion Pictures. There are, of course glamour photos of the stars and the publicity stills that Unit Still photographers take on set for use in marketing films and TV programs, but what movie-goers are not be aware of is that we use still cameras extensively in visual effects, in some obvious and some less obvious ways. Visual effects director of photography and supervisor Mark Weingartner, ASC will explore with us the ways that still photos have been incorporated in filmmaking historically and currently – and you may be surprised at how often ideas have been “re-discovered.”

Harmonizing Your Workflow Process with Pro-grade Storage w/ Matthew Bennion

11 AM PST Matthew Bennion Matthew Bennion, Director of Product Management, is a photographer, storyteller, gadget lover, tent camper, dog dad and nerd. For the last 25 years, he’s worked in the consumer electronics industry dreaming up new solutions for passionate people’s problems. About the presentation Matthew Bennion, Director of Product Management at SanDisk Professional, will introduce premium, pro-grade storage solutions designed to harmonize every step of the professional workflow process. With a power portfolio including a timesaving docking station and high-performance card readers, ultra-rugged and portable SSDs, and enterprise-class, massive-capacity desktop storage systems, SanDisk Professional delivers the performance, scalability, and reliability pros depend on to get their projects done on time and within budget.