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Wed, Feb 9 @ 9 AM PDT

Post-production Virtual Event

Join us for a live virtual event featuring expert speakers, networking opportunities, and product demonstrations. Once you register, we will email you the details to join the event.

Time & Location

Feb 9, 9:00 AM PDT
This event will be hosted on Zoom.
Once you register, we will email you the details to join the event.

About the Event

Gain exclusive access to post-production-based content with our event prep kit (we'll email this to you once you register).

This virtual event will be all about post-production. Our featured speakers will discuss a variety of topics through 45-minute presentations. Each presentation will be followed by a Q&A, where we'll source questions from the event chat. As always, the Videomaker team will answer questions in the chat, as well.

This event is sponsored by:

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9:00 AM PST

Practical Workflows for the New Normal

OWC- Sam Mestman and Steven Niedzielski


10:00 AM PST

No more external drives: building a collaborative, remote, and efficient filmmaking environment with network attached storage

Synology- Chris Fry and Murray Wais


11:00 AM PST

Game-Changing Workflow with Camera to Cloud

Adobe- Michael Cioni


12:00 AM PST

Stress Less: from Ingest to Post Upgrade your workflow with SanDisk Professional Solutions

Videoguys- Jim Bask and  Jeff I. Greenberg

Michael Cioni

Sr. Director of Global Innovation at Adobe

Meet our featured speakers

Michael Cioni has been recognized as one of Hollywood’s most influential people in tech by The Hollywood Reporter. A four-time Emmy winner, he was the co-founder and CEO of post house Light Iron — acquired by Panavision — and served as product director for Panavision’s Millennium DXL 8K camera ecosystem. As Sr. Director of Global Innovation at Adobe, Michael leads numerous workflow innovations, including the breakthrough Camera to Cloud technology. An active member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and an associate member of the American Society of Cinematographers, Michael focuses his efforts on combining aspects of technology and creativity within the filmmaking community, as well as mentoring and education throughout the global media industry.

Steven Niedzielski

Senior Workflow Engineer
at OWC

Steven has 20+ years of experience in pro video workflows, managing technical and creative professionals, producing compelling marketing content and implementing cutting-edge technology. It’s no surprise Steven dedicates his efforts to helping solve one of the biggest problems for post-production professionals coming out of a global pandemic: hybrid office video workflows. Steven is a Senior Workflow Engineer at OWC, where he helps video teams determine which Jellyfish solution will work best for their office, remote or hybrid workflow needs.

Sam Mestman

Chief Workflow Architect
at OWC

Sam Mestman is the Chief Workflow Architect for OWC and the founder of We Make Movies (, LumaForge, and FCPWorks. As a professional editor and colorist, he has worked for Apple, ESPN, Glee, and Break Media (to name a few), and has edited or colored hundreds of shorts, features, web series, and probably every other type of content you can think of. His specialty is the Apple creative ecosystem and he is also the architect behind some of the largest FCPX integrations in the world, including Focus, the world’s first studio feature edited with Final Cut Pro X. On the video educations side, his Smartphone Studio mobile filmmaking workshops ( are taught in person and remotely to communities around the world and his focus is democratizing filmmaking and storytelling for everyone no matter who they are or where they live.

Murray Wais Headshot.jpg
Murray Wais

Executive Producer/Director
at Matchstick Productions

Murray was born in Seattle and developed an undying passion for skiing in the deep corners of the Cascades. As a partner in MSP for over 20 years, Murray has traveled and shot skiing nearly everywhere there are mountains. Falling snow indeed haunts his waking thoughts. A Colorado transplant and proud father, Murray’s entrepreneurial spirit thrives in running not only a successful production company but a global distribution company as well. Despite the hype and the corporate speak, his true love of life is the natural world and the joy that having fun outdoors brings. Murray considers it a great honor and a lifelong accomplishment to work side by side with some of the most talented crews in the world.

Chris Fry Headshot.jpg
Chris Fry

Senior Business Development Specialist at Synology

Chris is part of the Synology team that works directly with end users. His role is to support and educate clients specifically in the Media & Entertainment industry. He is also a amateur photographer who enjoys weekend photo-walks in the Pacific Northwest.

Jim Bask

Marketing Director at Broadfield Distributing Inc.

Jim Bask has been a featured speaker for several other virtual events in Videomaker's Virtual Event Series. He is also part of the team at Videoguys. Their staff consists of videographers, live streamers, editors, filmmakers and vloggers just like you. 

Jeff I. Greenberg

SanDisk Professional Ambassador

Jeff I. Greenberg is an editor, colorist, educator and consultant in the field of post-production. He works with large and small clients to help smart people become smarter.


He's spoken at events like NAB, Adobe Max and the Editors Retreat, about tools and methods professionals and "new professionals" need to know about. From storytelling to Artificial Intelligence, he focuses on the concrete techniques that make our lives easier.


You can find him on all your favorite social networks as filmgeek or at

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