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Videomaker Virtual Seminars

Due to COVID-19, the Videomaker IRL in-person Meetup Series for 2020 is cancelled. This includes events located in San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. In place of the events, we will be hosting quarterly virtual seminars. Details are forthcoming and will appear on this page.

The Conference

Drinks | Appetizers | Giveaways

Join us for complimentary food and drinks, and meet your local collaborators, counterparts and colleagues. 

In our industry, it's always good to know who else is doing what we're doing nearby. You never know when a shoot will come along where you need an extra pair of hands. Or conversely, when your talents could go to good use for a production happening just down the street.


At the same time, we at Videomaker are looking for new, qualified collaborators who want to share their experience and expertise with millions of readers and viewers across the world. 


For nearly a decade, Videomaker has hosted workshops, seminars, conferences, summits and expos for a broad spectrum of video creators across the United States. Now we're coming to a city near you to hang out, talk shop and help strengthen your local video and filmmaking community.



Have questions? Give us a call: (530) 891-8410

Meet fellow Directors, Editors, Media Managers, Freelancers, and more!

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About Videomaker

Who is Videomaker?

Founded in 1986, at Videomaker we teach ordinary people to use video as a common communications medium with our magazine, website and events. We strive to be welcoming and inclusive to all video creators, regardless of financial means or experience level.

Start learning for free.


Tell us you'll be there

Attendance is free, but we need to get a head count.
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