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2024 date TBA

In Real Life Event

Join us for an in-person event! We'll answer your questions and cover topics and techniques for all levels.

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Time & Location:

Coming in 2024 - Date TBA

Please click the link below to register to join the event:

About the Event

Built around the objective of connecting local videographers and filmmakers, Videomaker IRL brings together a community of passionate video industry buffs for an evening of networking, food and drinks, and the opportunity to connect with highly relevant companies.

Gain valuable insights from the video production community. 


  • Educational sessions

    • You'll have access to educational sessions on a wide range of topics, including screenwriting, cinematography, lighting, sound, editing, visual effects and YouTube.

    • These educational sessions will provide you with in-depth knowledge and practical tips that you can apply to your video productions. You'll have the chance to learn from experts in the field and ask questions.

  • Exhibitors

    • But that's not all! The event also features exhibitors from leading video gear manufacturers and companies. This is your opportunity to meet and connect in person with these companies and get hands-on experience with their products.

  • Try out the latest video production tech

    • You can test, analyze and compare the latest technologies in video production and find new tools that can take your next project to the next level. This is a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry and ensure that you're using the best equipment for your videos.

Why attend?


  • Learn about cutting-edge video technology

    • Attending this event is a great opportunity for you to learn about the latest video technology and enhance your own video productions. You'll be able to learn how to make video that looks amazing and show off your video production skills.

  • Find techniques to enhance your lighting and audio

    • You'll also learn how to improve your lighting and audio, helping you produce videos that look visually appealing and have strong, clear dialogue and sound.

  • Receive tips to improve your editing skills

    • Another benefit of attending is that you'll learn to improve your editing skills, enabling you to turn out final videos faster and boost their overall quality.

  • Get advice on how to grow your YouTube channel

    • This event will also offer great advice on growing your YouTube channel, helping you increase your subscribers and views.

  • Network with other video producers

    • And don't forget about the networking opportunities! You'll have the chance to connect with other video producers, expanding your network of industry enthusiasts and experts.

What our past IRL attendees think:

  • “Had an AMAZING experience!” — Vidal Tapia, Videomaker IRL Chicago

  • “I had such a great time! Thank you!!” — Tammy Vega, Videomaker IRL Chicago

  • “Thanks #videomaker for making this happen.” — Bob Gustafson, Videomaker IRL Chicago 

  • “Had a blast at the event, thanks for putting it all together. Looking forward to the next one!” — Bernardo Villalpando, Videomaker IRL Chicago 

  • “It was wonderful. I had a great time. The two young ladies in charge of the event were friendly and professional.” — Event Attendee, Videomaker IRL New York

  • “Thank you for the event - it was a great time and I look forward to future events in NYC!” — Event Attendee, Videomaker IRL New York

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